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Podcasts We Listen To

Mar 29, 2017

Jeremy talks to Marissa Jones, host of The Vanished Podcast. The Vanished is a true crime podcast that explores the stories of those who have gone missing. 

The Vanished podcast can be reached on Twitter @TheVanishedPod or on Facebook in The Vanished Podcast Discussion Group


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Mar 22, 2017

Jeremy sits down with Josh Hallmark of The Karen & Ellen Letters podcast. The Karen & Ellen Letters are found correspondence between two teenage girls and their landlord, over a three year period, from the 1980's. This podcast is a reading of those letters. 


The Karen & Ellen Letters can be found @karenAndEllen...

Mar 15, 2017

Jeremy sits down with Tim Scott of the History Dweebs podcast. History Dweebs provides a lighthearted look at the dark side of history. 


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Mar 8, 2017

Jeremy sits down with Katie Ward, host of The Enthusiasm Enthusiast podcast. The Enthusiasm Enthusiast is a feminist podcast where people share their passions.


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Mar 1, 2017

Jeremy talks with Nina Innsted, host of the Already Gone podcast. Already Gone shares the stories of the missing, the lost, the mysterious and the murdered. 



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