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Podcasts We Listen To

Apr 27, 2017

Just a quick episode to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has given the show a five star review! You are all VERY kind!

Apr 26, 2017

Jeremy chats with Danielle, Jenn and Michel of Between Us Girls. They are three of the four hosts of the show. Unfortunately, Sharonda was unable to make it. Between Us Girls is an unfiltered look at the conversations that happen between women. The four hosts sit down with a glass of wine and a host each week to discuss...

Apr 19, 2017

Jeremy talks to Phil Lanides. He is the host of History Personified. History Personified is a podcast that walks a mile in the shoes of history, taking listeners into different stories and eras, from military, to politics, to film, television, and radio, to sports, and more. 


You can find History Personified on...

Apr 12, 2017

Jeremy chats up Margo D. She is one of the two Margos (Margi?) that host the Book Vs Movie Podcast. Book Vs Movie is the podcast that ponders the question: "Which was better...the book or the movie?" They spoil away the details, uncover the plot points, discuss casting choices and shower with praise (or pummel...

Apr 5, 2017

Jeremy sits down with Mike Brown, acclaimed Ghost Story teller, Tour Guide, and Host of Pleasing Terrors. Pleasing Terrors is a bi-weekly tour through the shadows of history. Pleasing Terrors features stories about haunted places, creepy history, and forgotten folklore. 


You can find Pleasing Terrors on Facebook at