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Podcasts We Listen To

Aug 30, 2018

Ordinarily, PWLT releases on Wednesday. But, while we catch up on editing, we thought we'd drop a Throwback Thursday episode. This was the 4th episode ever released. It features Josh Hallmark who, at the time, was only hosting two shows. Those being The Karen and Ellen Letters and Our Americana. We'll be back next week...

Aug 22, 2018

This week, Jeremy chats with the legendary Jim Harold! The podfather of paranormal podcasts, Jim has been podcasting since 2005!!! The guys discuss How Jim got started before most people even knew about podcasts, Jim gives advice to aspiring podcasters, and they discuss Jim's FOUR podcasts! 



Aug 15, 2018

This week Jeremy talks to Tim O'Brien of the Shaping Opinion podcast. Shaping Opinion is a podcast about how marketing shapes the opinions of the public. But it's much more than that! A little history, a little marketing, and a lot of human nature. The guys talk about all this and a lot more!

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Aug 8, 2018

This week Jeremy talks to Jeff Adamec, host of the Changing Hearts and Minds podcast. Jeff is a former Green Beret who received the Silver Star, four Bronze Stars, and an Army Commendation Medal for Valor! The guys discuss Jeff's career, his efforts to help veterans ease their transition into civilian life, the value...