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Podcasts We Listen To

Sep 16, 2020

This week, I talk to Dr. Sunny Moraine from the podcast called GONE. There's no way to plan for being alone. There's no way to plan for what comes next. GONE is a story about what happens when the world goes dark, and everyone else is gone. 


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Sep 9, 2020

This week, Jeremy talks to Jolenta and Kristen from the By The Book podcast! On By The Book, Jolenta and Kristen read and try to live by a different Self-help book every two weeks! It makes for an informative yet really funny and honest look at the Self-help industry!


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Aug 26, 2020

This week, Jeremy talks to Sam who, along with his Co-Host Piper, creates the podcast World Forge. World Forge is about creating, refining, and cultivating characters for things like RPGs and writing.

Aug 19, 2020

This week, Jeremy talks to Adam from Everyone Has A Podcast in what may be the most off the rails conversation ever on PWLT! Between listeners, the Bible, and other hot button topics, these two get into it all!

Aug 13, 2020

This week, Jeremy talks to Moxie LaBouche from Your Brain On Facts! If you love history and trivia then you will absolutely adore Your Brain On Facts!